Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair

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No modern residence is complete in the absence of a garbage disposal. This crucial appliance deals with waste that would otherwise make a mess or cause a bad odor in the bin. Rather than cluttering up the sink and clogging pipes, this waste material is efficiently chopped and flushed straight down the drain. These convenient appliances provide a faster, more sanitary way to dispose of food, making kitchen clean-up and dishes a breeze. At Rooter Drain Experts, we’re the expert source for drain cleaning and garbage disposal repair.

Obstructed or broken disposals will become a sizable problem, however. Food that could be swept down the drain with a disposal’s help will instead clog the sink, creating displeasing scents and unsanitary conditions. A damaged garbage disposal can even become a safety threat. To install a new garbage disposal, or to find time for garbage disposal repair in Santa Clarita, CA, call Rooter Drain Experts at (661) 505-1913

Things You Should Never Place Down A Disposal

Garbage Disposal Repair

Our Experienced Techs Provide Superb Work on Garbage Disposals.

As a general rule, garbage disposals do not require very much maintenance. In order to prolong the life of your machine, avoid putting these things down the disposal.

Fibrous Foods: Unless absolutely necessary, avoid the placement of fibrous items down the disposal. These items will tangle around the teeth of the disposal and place strain on the motor. Corn husks, carrots, asparagus, lettuce, celery, onion skins, and artichokes all are illustrations of foods that shouldn’t enter your disposal. Use small amounts at a time and run cold water if you do place them in the drain.

Starchy Foods: Starchy foods also present problems for garbage disposals. Starches can expand and dry inside your drain, and lead to a paste-like substance that causes clogs and disposal breakdown. This coagulated paste can form an obstruction in your pipes, and will prevent your disposal’s activity. Potatoes, rice, beans, and pasta are each food items to avoid placing down your disposal.

Grease and Oil: Grease and oil are possibly the single most crucial items to avoid with disposals, as they lead to major problems. Grease and oil will not only accumulate and obstruct your drain, but they may also coat your device’s blades, leaving them less effective. Oil and grease that becomes stuck in a disposal and pipes can eventually start to deteriorate and stink.

Egg Shells: Regardless of rumors to the contrary, egg shells offer zero benefits for the garbage disposal. They fail to sharpen the teeth, but instead break down into detritus that gets stuck in your plumbing. The disposal will break egg shells down into a sand-like substance that travels through your drainage system with difficulty. Egg shells will eventually lead to a clog from their spot within the pipes.

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